Our courier side of the business has grown and grown, thanks to lots of people recommending me. We have started working with bigger companies and now are able to give better prices

Not only are we DHL agents but now also work with Fedex, TNT and UPS, which helps us get your goods or documents to you safe and securely in the minimum amount of time, choosing a courier which is best suited to where you are locateddhlFedEx-logo-E32A7F60A8-seeklogo.comimagesimages (1)

Frozen Annual

The Disney Frozen Annual 2016 is packed with magical stories and activities featuring your favourite Frozen characters, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. With stories, colouring pages, posters and plenty of puzzles to complete, this is the ultimate Christmas gift for Frozen fans!


Snowing in Bali

9781782062653Snowing in Bali – Kathryn Bonella
A wealthy playboy is running scared. His years of drug dealing are over. The cars, the girls, the fun. All over. A snitch has been arrested – he must run.
Meanwhile, a rat scuttles across the filthy concrete floor of Bali’s Kerobokan Prison. A prisoner serving years for drug trafficking grabs it, kills it with his bare hands and cooks a ‘tasty meal’. A mentally disturbed woman, naked from the waist down, has sexual intercourse with a male prisoner through the bars of a cell.

Kathryn Bonella lifts the lid on Bali’s narcotics underworld.